Farming, Harvesting and Composting

On May 16, the sixth and seventh graders enjoyed a trip to City Green Farm in Clifton, NJ. The Sixth graders learned about organic farming and harvested vegetables. The seventh graders learned about composting and helped transfer soil to cover saplings that had been recently planted.



First Grade Siyum on Perek 13

On March 10, Rabbi Myski’s first graders celebrated yet another siyum. And this siyum on perekי“ג was really special! Yeshivas Ohr Reuven’s Menahel, Rabbi Medetsky, came to speak to the boys. He asked them questions on the perek they learned, and he and Rabbi Myski were so proud of how well they knew their material.



Eighth Testing Fourth on Oz Yashir

On February 20, Rabbi Lowy’s fourth grade talmidim have been working hard and putting in tremendous effort to master the entire Shiras Hayom bal peh. Rabbi Peikes kindly lent his eighth graders to do the testing and Rabbi Lowy was so proud as one by one the talmidim stood tall and recited the Shi-rah.



First Graders First Siyum

On Thursday, February 16, Rabbi Myski’s first graders celebrated their very first siyum of the first pasuk in Lech Lecha. Rabbi Brodie, S’gan Rosh HaYeshiva, and Rabbi Rawicki, Menahel joined them in celebrating this momentous occasion.



Third Grade Brochos Aloud on Tu B’Shvat

On Friday, February 12th, our outstanding N’shei organized a Tu B’shvat Brochos party. Every talmid got a plate with food items of mezonos, hagafen, ha’etz, ha’adama and shehakol and got to make the brocha out loud and the entire class answered a loud “Amen”. Third grade rebbe, Rabbi Biller shares his talmidim’s “brochos out loud.”



Rabbi Lowy’s Fourth Grade Playing a Chanukah Game

Lechovod Chanukah Rabbi Lowy treated his fourth grade talmidim to a fun game.



Tzvi Schwab Explaining Avi Mori Rebbi Lowy

Fourth grader Tzvi Schwab explained to his classmates that their rebbi, Rabbi Lowy, is much more than just a rebbi. As he loves and cares for them as children, he is actually Avi, Mori, V’rebbi, Rabbi Lowy!



Hascholas Siddur Celebration

On June 5, the Pre 1a Kinderlach celebrated their Hascholas Siddur Celebration amidst much joy and satisfaction at having arrived at such a momentous occasion.



Lag Baomer Fun

On May 26, Lag Baomer 5776, Yeshiva Darchei Noam’s talmidim bounced around on the fabulous collection of bouncy rides on the YDN grounds.



Model Matzah Bakery
On April 7th, Yeshiva Darchei Noam Kindergarten through fourth grade had a chance to feel the simcha of baking matzah on their own, when the model matzah bakery visited YDN for the day.



Rabbi Myski’s First Graders Very First Siyum On Chumash
Rabbi Myski’s first graders proudly came to yeshiva in white shirts ready to celebrate their very first siyum on chumash on Tu B’Shvat.



Rabbi Pruzansky’s 2nd grade “Matnas Shabbos”
Rabbi Pruzansky’s 2nd grade performing at the Yeshiva Darchei Noam “Matnas Shabbos” Erev Shabbos program.



Shoe Shine Day (Pre) Purim Extravaganza
Yeshiva Darchei Noam’s Preparation For Purim “Shoe Shine” Celebration!